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Custom Laser Cutting Service

I order a lot of laser-cut sheet metal parts for my projects. Lately, for example, our VR Motion Simulator frames have all leveraged laser-cut parts. You can get metal parts up to an inch thick and beyond, cut to any shape quickly and with remarkable precision. The motion simulator frame below was constructed almost entirely from custom laser-cut sheet metal parts, for example:

Laser cut sheet metal parts
Motion simulator frame, constructed from welded, laser-cut sheet metal

Unfortunately, quoting and ordering laser-cut parts is stuck in the 90's. Anyone who orders parts regularly will know exactly what I'm talking about - you have to email companies to request quotes, and maybe they'll get back to you in a day or seven. After waiting around for a week to get a quote, lead times are usually two to three weeks or longer. And most laser cutting shops don't even want to deal with low-volume, prototype orders, because their quoting and setup overheads are so high.

It shouldn't be that way! I'm an electrical engineer, and I order Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) all the time. In the PCB industry, you can get online, upload your design files, and get an instant quote in seconds. You can place an order without ever talking to a human, and have custom boards arrive at your doorstep a week later. There is NO REASON that laser-cutting sheet metal parts couldn't be the same way. If anything, laser-cutting is far more simple than PCB fabrication. So why do I have to wait days for a human to prepare a quote on a prototype design?

I'm solving that problem. I've started a custom laser cutting service in Orem, Utah. The company is called OSH Cut, and it is going to revolutionize the laser-cutting industry. Users will soon be able to upload drawings of custom laser cut parts, receive a quote and lead-time in seconds, and see manufacturability analysis in seconds. Stay tuned for more updates!


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